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  • SNS has been around town making community connections!

    Rotary Award Banquet 8/9/22

    Suzan and Cassie attended an award banquet hosted by the Rotary of Richmond on 8/9/22. We had applied for a grant to add to our fundraising efforts to help build our new complex in Richmond, Missouri. Thank you so much to Richmond Rotary, we appreciate your kindness and generosity.


    Legislative Update 8/16/22

    We have been out and about…

    The Legislative Update was on August 16th in Lawson.  We found this event was very informative and a great experience. A few highlights include getting to meet some of our political representatives: MO House Representatives Terry Thompson and Josh Hurlbert, Hunter Kelly from US Senator Josh Hawley’s office, and Tom Salisbury from US Senator Roy Blunt’s office. Also, we spoke with Matt Nolker, the City Planner for Lawson, and we met the new superintendent of Lawson School District, Michael Stephenson! Community members made their voices heard, with both gratitude and concerns.

    SNS provides services to 28 families in the Lawson area, which is 20% of the total number of people we serve. We are always grateful when we are given an opportunity to get insights and visit with people all over Ray County. Thank you to Lawson Chamber of Commerce for hosting this great event!

    Matt Nolker, City Planner for Lawson.

     Left to right: Terry Thompson (MO State Representative), Tom Salisbury (US Senator Roy Blunt), Josh Hurlbert (MO State Representative), Hunter Kelly (US Senator Josh Hawley)