• Janet Thurow was raised in the greater Chicago area and relocated to Missouri to attend college. She began her social work career as a Missouri state employee and retired from the Kansas City Regional Office on 11/30/2018 after 26 years of state service.  Her first there years were spend with Jackson County Children’s Division before transferring to the Kansas City Regional Office.  She spent 20 years providing Targeted Case Management for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and three years as an Inquiry coordinator.

    Janet resides in outside the city limits of Kingsville Missouri and decided a less traveled commute to Richmond Missouri would be a welcomed change from the Kansas City Traffic. Janet had worked with Suzan Breen, the executive director, in different capacities throughout our service through the State of Missouri.   Although Janet would prefer to be independently wealthy and play on her hobby farm, she decided to join the SNS team upon Missouri state retirement so her animals can have the life she wishes for.  Janet is best known for her unique laugh, unrelentless sense of humor, and a touch of sarcasm.