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    Special Needs Services of Ray County provides support coordination to those individuals with developmental disabilities. Support Coordinators listen to the needs of individuals; their struggles, their strengths, and their dreams. Support Coordinators work with you to write a plan with goals that will help you find a way to cope with your struggles, find value in your strengths, and realize your dreams. There is never a time crunch for reaching goals. There is strength is knowing that you have a Support Coordinator that is there for you, that answers when you call, visits your home, and will patiently help you.

    Parents and Guardians, your Support Coordinator is someone who will listen to you while you cry because your child with developmental disabilities has been up for two days (and so have you). A Support Coordinator can find a way to give you relief and a way to pay for that relief. Your Support Coordinator is someone who will listen to you when your adolescent is out of control and you feel that you have no options. A Support Coordinator can help you have your adolescent assessed by a mental health professional and link you with needed services. Your Support Coordinator is someone who will listen to your fears when your adult with developmental disabilities says he wants to move out of the house on his own. A Support Coordinator will find how out how much help your adult will need to be safe while living outside your home.

    Support Coordinators make connections with many agencies and outside resources to offer you choices for who you want to work with, where, and when. Support Coordinators link you with a way to pay for items and services that you or your individual need.