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    What is Community at Play?

    CAP is a program developed to join all populations together by participating in fun community events. CAP plans to have monthly small events like Dungeons and Dragons on Jan 9th where 24 individuals abled and disabled play together. We received a question on our Facebook site asking, “Is this for the disabled only, I would like to play also.” That was a great question, and this is exactly the direction Special Needs Services had in mind when they developed the CAP program.

    We will keep our website “Calendar of Events” page updated with the latest information on events. You can view our latest pictures on our “Events in Action” page. If you are interested in participating, simply go to our website and click on the “Community at Play” tab and fill out a secure application online. It is that simple. Information will always be posted around town with the latest event information. Special Needs Services of Ray County is pleased to develop the CAP program for all! 

    … Join us at Community at Play

    Calendars and Forms

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    Participation Form

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    CAP Calendar

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    Contact CAP Today

    We want to hear from you and what you would like to do in the community. Please contact Billy Gaines at (816) 470-5045 or email us at [email protected]

    Community at Play

    Your Choice your Playground!

    We are planning to set up regular weekly and monthly events for all age groups.

    Our events are centered around your choices of activities. Once we gather your ideas, we will create events in small groups for you and others with the same interests.

    Big events will take place during the year to gather all our Socialite’s to mingle and increase their network in their community. 

    Click on our “Calendar of Events” to see the upcoming events.