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  • Your Journey Towards Independence

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    Obtaining Services With SNS

    1) Complete the intake process through the Kansas City Regional Office (KCRO) by calling 816-889-3452 or 816-889-3400

    KCRO intake and eligibility staff are responsible for overseeing the determination of eligibility of individuals for Division of Developmental Disabilities (DD) Services. Based on the information you provide a packet of forms will be mailed to you. It is very important that you complete these forms and return them as quickly as possible. This will help speed up the process of determining your eligibility.

    2) Once you are eligible, your Special Needs Services support coordinator will contact you within five working days.

    Obtaining Services through Medicaid

    When we help you, we charge Medicaid for that service. In order to participate in a waiver for long-term funding you must maintain active Medicaid.

    To apply for Medicaid, go to:

    Click on People with Disabilities, then click Apply Online

    Write down your username and password so you have that information to use later to check the status of your application. If you are completing the application on behalf of someone else, like your child, complete the form as if you were that person, not as their parent or guardian. When the form asks for income or resources it is asking about the income for that person only, not the family income.

    For in-home services through Straight Medicaid:

    To apply for personal care services through the Division of Senior and Disability Services (DSDS), go to:

    Click on the second blue box, Online Referrals for Home and Community Based Services are Now Available

    When a pop-up box appears, click the orange “Yes” to continue to the Online HCBS Referral Form

    The form, eleven short pages, must be completed in one sitting, you cannot save and go back.